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LAC NCP Network

LAC NCP Network

The Latin American and Caribbean National Contact Point Network  (LAC NCP Network) comprises all National Contact Points officially designated by a State of CELAC through the highest authority in Science, Technology and Innovation and recognized by the European Commission through an official nomination.

While the LAC NCP Network  has been taking shape since 2014, it was in February 2017 at the Annual Meeting of NCPs of CELAC in Panama      that the countries from the region  formally adhered, expressing their support through a Letter of Interest.

The countries that have signed through their highest authorities of S&T are: Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba,       Curaçao, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Paraguay, Panama, Peru, Dominican Republic and Uruguay.

The coordination of the Network is handled by the Liaison Office  with the European Union in Uruguay, MEC-CUBIST, particularly by Claudia Romano, Manager of International Cooperation and NCP Coordinator, who pursues the networks´s dynamization with the support of the office   in Uruguay. Anneken Raise from the Project Management Agency of DLR in Germany is also part of the team that promotes the Network.

The goal of the LAC NCP Network  is to promote and increase the participation of academia, companies and institutions in the Horizon 2020     Program in order to democratize the access to opportunities among the different countries of the region.

The aim is to create a more effective, dynamic, proactive and sustainable network in order to encourage a closer cooperation between all the   national contact points in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Its specific goals are: reinforcing the designation and motivation of the NCPs in the CELAC region and improving these countries’     participation in H2020.

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