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Regional coordination meeting
Martes 14 de mayo de 2019

Regional coordination meeting

Experts on research infrastructures in Latin America and Europe exchange their experiences

On 14th and 15th of March the second meeting Intra-LAC of research infrastructures in Latin America and Europe took place in Panama, which is part of the work of high authorities in Science, Technology and Innovation of the European Union.

Meeting table

The meeting counted on the participation of representatives of Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, México and Panama, who shared the development and usage of infrastructures on which each country relies on. Nicolás Pons, director of International Cooperation of the Ministry of Education and Culture, attended the meeting for Uruguay.

The work group is led by the Uruguayan Fernando Amestoy, current president of the Latin American department at IASP (International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation) and president of the Scientific and Technological Park in Pando, Uruguay.

The meeting provided a platform to discuss and specify regional topics, such as the coordination of policies with national agencies for research and innovation, methodologies and instruments to prioritize the infrastructures (of political-social importance) and to promote regional research networks.

Finally, the meeting opened up a space to spread lessons learned in European experiences and to exchange methods as well as challenges identified in CELAC countries.



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