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Opportunities for the CELAC countries – Horizonte 2020
Martes 19 de diciembre de 2017

Opportunities for the CELAC countries – Horizonte 2020

On the 12th December a videoconference was held by the use of the RED CLARA. In that conference specific emphasis was placed on the new Working Programs of 2018-2020 of the Horizonte 2020 Program, especially on the topics Health, Sustainable Urbanization and Transport since the participation of the CELAC institutions is obligatory in those fields.

Participantes de la videoconferencia

The objective was to increase the participation of the Latin American and Caribbean institutions. The meeting was coordinated by the LAC Network (RED LAC) of the National Contact Points (NCP) thanks to Claudia Romano (MEC-CUBIST).

·         The Health field was represented by Karim Berkouk, Deputy Head of Unit, associated with non-communicable diseases.

·         The Sustainable Urbanization sector was represented by Christos Fragakis, Deputy Director of Unit, associated with sustainable management of natural resources.

·         The Transport sector was represented by Frank Smit, Transport Strategy and Policy Officer.

·         Also present were Maurizio Maggiore and Patrick Mercier, both Policy Officers of the Surface Transport.


Otros integrantes

These specialists of the European Commission presented a clear overview of the opportunities that more than 15 countries actively participated in. We are hoping for regional projects that contribute to the development in science and technology.

Participantes con sus computadoras

Ministerio de Educación y Cultura