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H2020 Training in Costa Rica
Lunes 11 de diciembre de 2017

H2020 Training in Costa Rica

To promote the participation of the researchers and companies in the Horizonte 2020 program through the Service Facility mechanism (European Union, De Research), Florencia Costa met up with over 80 researchers and entrepreneurs in San José, Costa Rica. In that reunion they were taking part in an informative workshop to prepare all researchers to present proposals to the Horizonte 2020 Program.

presentadora y público presente

Sander Pacheco, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology, took part in the opening ceremony, emphasizing in his speech the importance of the international cooperation in science and technology for the country. Also participating actively in the event was Eliana Ulale, National Point Coordinator for the Horizonte 2020 Program of the Costa Rican Ministry of Science.

Participantes del evento

We are hoping that those informative workshops will contribute in increasing the participation of the Costa Rican researchers in the Horizonte 2020 Program.

Presentadora y publico presente