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VI Senior Officials' Meeting (SOM) in Science and Technology
Viernes 17 de marzo de 2017

VI Senior Officials' Meeting (SOM) in Science and Technology

Brussels, Belgium. March 2017

The "Sixth Senior Officials Meeting (SOM) in Science and Technology" was held in Brussels with representatives of CELAC and UNION-EUROPEAN, during the week of 13-16 March.

These meetings were established as a regular biregional dialogue on Research and Innovation (R & I) to strengthen EU-CELAC cooperation and to implement the Joint Research and Innovation Initiative (JIRI) updating common priorities, encouraging the study of mutual policy and ensuring the appropriate implementation and effectiveness of instruments of cooperation through biannual Action Plans. Four Operational Groups in the following priority areas were established: Energy, Information and Communications Technology, Bioeconomics and Biological Diversity and Climate Change.


On this occasion the Director and the Manager of International Cooperation and Projects, Nicolás Pons and Claudia Romano, respectively, attended on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Uruguay.

In addition, in the Working Group on Research Infrastructures, Dr. Fernando Amestoy, Director of the Technological Pole of Pando of Uruguay, was appointed Coordinator of Research Infrastructures for Latin America to the European Union.

The participation in this event, as well as the appointment of Dr. Amestoy, represent great challenges for the Office of Liaison with the European Union in Uruguay (MEC-CUBIST) and the positioning of the country in the Horizon 2020 Agenda at European and Latin American level.

VI Senior Officials' Meeting (SOM) in Science and Technology

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